Hannah House

Residential Treatment Centre for Women by InnerVisions Recovery Society
Maple Ridge/Greater Vancouver Area, British Columbia

Hannah House is a women's residential treatment centre for substance abuse, including drug and alcohol addictions, in Maple Ridge, part of the Greater Vancouver Area of BC, Canada. It is part of InnerVisions Recovery Society. If you or a loved one is a woman in need of help, please contact InnerVisions now.

InnerVisions' centres work as some of the top drug and alcohol treatment facilities to battle drug abuse and alcoholism in the Vancouver, British Columbia region. Recently, our program has expanded to serve clientele from interior BC, northern BC, Vancouver Island, and Alberta. Our treatment program has a successful history of helping substance addicts find the help they need to recover. InnerVisions and Hannah House pride themselves on being at the forefront of alcohol and drug addiction treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery for women in BC.

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After ten years of working with men in detox, rehab, and recovery, our dream of helping women struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and substance abuse to get clean and sober came to fruition. In accordance with the well-established and proven structure already in place at InnerVisions, Hannah House opened its doors in 2002.

The main difference between Hannah House and other drug and alcohol treatment centres is that it is about women helping women get clean and sober. The staff at Hannah House has always been extremely experienced and well versed in the particular barriers that many women face while attempting to overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Hannah House began as a small residential treatment centre and within three years expanded to a larger facility in order to accommodate the overwhelming need for women’s drug and alcohol abuse recovery houses in Vancouver.

The need for more help did not end with our relocation. In 2012, after much planning, a massive fundraising effort, and a lot of hard work, InnerVisions was able to build a brand new additional women’s treatment centre on the existing Hannah House property. This state of the art facility that includes group therapy and meeting areas, private counseling offices, a doctor’s office, and several private client rooms allows Hannah House and InnerVisions to greatly increase the level of services provided while addressing the historically lengthy waitlist for drug and alcohol addicted women to get treatment.

Hannah House is located on a scenic piece of property in a residential area of Maple Ridge, BC.  In addition to the amenities provided by the new facility, the location also boasts an industrial kitchen, a large dining area, a house cook, a private workout area, and a large picturesque yard. Over the years Hannah House has grown from being the “little sister” of InnerVisions to a highly organized drug and alcohol treatment centre for women to come and receive top quality help in their recovery. And while we are extremely proud of how much Hannah House has grown, we are equally as proud that we have never lost sight of the miracle of recovery and the gift of getting a second chance at life.

We strive to provide the best care, shelter, and treatment for females suffering from drug abuse, addiction, and alcoholism in BC. Our history shows that we are successful in helping women ranging from mothers to young women through their detox, rehab, further treatment, and into recovery en route to clean and sober futures.

To learn more about Hannah House and our other centres, please call or email now.